Psalm 86 verse 11: “Teach me, Lord, thy way, that I walk in your truth. Unite my heart to fear thy name. ”
What could be better than to walk in God’s truth?
I would like to keep learning! And I share what I have learned, because I think someone else can be also happy with this information.20160215_173343

In spring 2009, I had a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease (which is an autoimmune disease – in my blood I broke my own thyroid cells!?).

Because there is no cause there would be no chance of recovery – in fact, the forecast is that the presence of one autoimmune disease is that you will develop more autoimmune diseases throughout your life. So I looked on the internet for hope: if there was a possibility to inhibit or to stop the process.

I searched on ‘Christian’ and ‘herbal’, because I absolutely did not want to end up in an alternative circuit where things are applied that are not healthy mentally. And then…

… I found Groene Dag and De Heelhoeve.

Groene Dag in Belgium has translated many works from medical doctors. Sources are available in English and French about Natural Hygiene. They are basically testimonies of medical doctors who talk about the benefits of for example, water, green, raw vegetables and fruits. Try searching for names like Tilden, Shelton, Wigmore, Budwig, Nolfi, Fry, Mosseri.

In these stories always comes back that sickness is a result of intoxication. The worse is your indoor environment soured or ‘poisoned’ the worse the diseases that come out. The body can not get rid of the waste and it will park it provisionally somewhere. Because the body is focused on performance, it will do anything to get rid of its waste.

I first got a fairly extensive questionnaire (from The Heelhoeve) and so my symptoms were obvious (that was a whole list) and they made a plan. I compared it with what I was reading with regard to the Natural Hygiene and I noticed that I was on the right track.

So now the good news: in autumn 2011 there were NO antibodies in my blood – so the diagnosis was past! And I do my best to keep it so.

I am convinced that there is real hope for better health – for everyone who longs for it.
If you follow God’s words in your daily life, they will become more concrete through the care of your body and your diet. Of course everyone must know himself what he or she does with this message, but my message is that God is good and that life in all its fullness is delicious!

God is my Creator and Jeshua is the One who still heals. God is faithful to His creation. I noticed how my body was recovering when I tried natural laws of cause and effect. I am so delighted that I can follow God’s ways in my daily life. I would describe it as in Psalm 34: 9: “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

If you want to know more, about my practical choices and ways to help my body get rid of its waste, don’t hesitate to contact me! It’s a pleasure to share my to-do-list, because most of the medical doctors won’t say things like there are in this message. It’s not about praying only, or about working only. It’s gratefully praying-AND-working, together.